Air Conditioned Cars

Be Chill!

How will it look? Great! We have options that look like original factory units, but perform way better. Your fun weekend car is going to become your daily driver.

Worried about the loss of powers? Don’t be. Unlike the old York style compressor systems, we use efficient rotary style compressors. This style of compressor uses very little horsepower to drive the systems. As with all of our builds, we do like to add a little more power (i.e. upping displacement, ratio rockers or even full stroker engine builds), but these systems will run on completely stock motors.


We have been doing this awhile and know all the best suppliers for our A/C systems. All hoses used are professionally made with proper crimped connections. Evaporator and condenser assemblies, fan motors and ducting are of the finest quality and will serve you well for years to come.

We also like to suggest upgrading the cooling systems to keep the engine and you cool in the summer months. Whether it be adding an extra oil cooler/fan combo, or upgrading from the in-fan shroud style oil cooler to the later model “Doghouse” cooling system.

This is also a great time to install a Blazecut system to protect your investment in case of fire in the engine compartment.

Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System (6ft)

Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System (3ft)