“Cheater” camshaft


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Adds up to ten horsepower without effecting idle speed emissions!The low speed torque produced by the Cheater Cam supplies a VW engine with greatly improved drive-ability, passing power, and top speed. The power increase is so noticeable that the Cheater Cam works great with a compliment of smog equipment. The addition of Dual Carburetors stretches you engines horsepower band to over 5000 RPM. A set of Hi-Rev Springs, mild port work, and extractor exhaust will give your engine the extra kick you’re looking for in a daily driver.

**Not recommended to run with dual springs**

Adv. Duration 274°
Dur. @ .050″ 222°
Lift @ cam .359″
Lift w/1.1:1 Rocker Arms .394″

Typical Cam Card

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