Off-Road Air-cooled VW

We love us some dirt! So much so that you will usually find us on the Arizona backroads in our baja or racing Class 11 with DBNB Racing. The very first four-wheel car to win the Baja 1000 was a Manx buggy driven by Bruce Meyers and Ted Mangels. Fifty plus years later, the light weight, low center of gravity air-cooled Volkswagen engines are still a favorite.

As we may have mentioned a couple of times on this site, we love a little extra horsepower as well. Nothing compliments a cool off-road build more than a snarling engine with the evil hiss of a big turbo. Want to haze the tires going into third? Yep. Let’s build up that monster that will rocket you up whatever hill that lies in your way. Just want a fun little buggy that fires right up and takes you on a mellow adventure? We got you too!

Dirt Capabilities

  • Baja conversions
  • Sand rails
  • Manx buggies
  • Dirt track cars
  • Long travel suspension upgrades
  • Stock, modified and full custom chassis and suspension work
  • Safety equipment installation
  • Racing belts
  • Roll cages
  • Overland setups
  • Microbus campers
  • Off-road specific air-cooled VW engine builds
  • Class11, Class 12, Class 16, Class 9, Class 5/1600 and Class 5 Open
  • And more…