Celebrating 30 Years of Doug’s Buggs and Bunnys

This year we celebrate 30 years in business!!

That’s right Folks – Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies has had our doors open, serving the VW community since 1987.  We are endlessly thankful for all our loyal customers and for the new comers as well – you are the reason we’re still here.

When Doug open the doors in 1987 – it was a one man show, eventually he brought in a mechanic here and there but, in 1994 Fish came in as a customer and well, never left.  Here we are years and countless happy VW’s later – Doug is retired, Fish runs the joint, there are seven staff (family) on the team and a new building to boot.

Please stay tuned as throughout this year we will be hosting celebrations, running sales/specials not only to celebrate/thank our customers but also to remind ourselves that this did not happen on its own.  It has taken hard work, dedication and amazing community of Volkswagen enthusiasts.




Sincerely – all of us at DBNB



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