Fish’s Bus


What started it all! Fish bought the 73′ back in the early 90’s. it was quite the adventurer – going on many-a camping trip, mountain bike excursions, beach trips etc.. Working on that very bus is what brought him to DBNB, a loyal customer turned loyal employee and eventually owner of this fine establishment. In the early 2000’s Fish gave the bus new paint and interior, updated brake system, freeway flyer trans-axle an engine (1911cc 66mm stroke x 96mm bore, 1.8 big valve heads, RV cam, Type 4) that could keep with modern traffic. Once the bus was complete Fish put it on the market, selling it to reinvest in Doug’s, helping make the shop what it is today. We sure do miss the bus but enjoy bringing in projects and seeing customers smiling faces when we return stellar products their way.