Custom Vintage Volkswagen

All old VWs have their own personality and charm, but are you ready to really make your ride YOURS? Sometimes it might just be new rims, but it could be a full one-off build. Let us know what you need. Slammed down low, jacked up high, top chopped off, custom paint or full-on show car.

There is more to the custom world than just vintage VWs. We have put together and fixed up a ton of kit cars, Porsche reproductions and even trikes.  The versatility of the Beetle chassis and air-cooled engines make these a great platform for so many different projects. We’ve even seen some pretty cool rock crawlers.

Let’s Build!

When you are ready, bring your car in so we can see what you’re working with.  We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need, but we are going to give your car a good inspection to make sure it is safe and roadworthy before we get to putting on all the cool bits or fully breaking it down for a serious build.

The time for a custom project varies widely based on what your goals are. But what we do know, is that when the day comes, you are going to have a hard time not smiling. There is nothing quite like the feeling of rolling out for the first time in a true one-of-a-kind machine. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it.