72 Super Beetle

The Beetle as it was dropped off.


The tear-down process.



Getting the body-work straightened out.


Fresh out of the paint booth.


New 1968cc VW Engine with a 74mm crankshaft, 92mm Thick Wall Pistons and Cylinders, “Cheater” Camshaft, all into a new Aluminum Super Case and rebuilt “freeway flyer” transaxle.



Installing the completely new interior, along with a custom stock looking stereo with modern features like; USB and Auxiliary connections, Bluetooth, and digital presets. And that great looking steering wheel!

Hydro-dipped dash panels to replicate the original wood-grain decals.

The final assembly stages. New American Style window rubber, New bumpers and chrome trim.





The finished product! Stock-looking engine, fully rebuilt front end with upgraded Disc Brakes, and the upgraded engine make this car fun to drive in traffic with modern-style AC!

Vintage style with modern comfort. It’s what we do.