About DBNB

DBNB’s History

Since 1987 Doug’s Buggs and Bunnies (DBNB) has been performing service, restoration and customization on all types of VW’s. Doug’s has always been loyal to the VW and its enthusiasts.

To understand what makes DBNB the shop it is today we have to go back to late 60’s Indiana.  Doug had been turning wrenches on VW’s in his backyard when the local VW dealership placed an ad for a mechanic. While at the dealership, Doug was taught the ins and outs of the air-cooled as well as the emerging new water-cooled VW’s.

After many Indiana winters Doug and his family decided to move to greener (or warmer pastures) in Arizona. Doug spent years at the VW dealership – then made the switch to independent VW shops, where high performance, off road and other uses for the VW were the norm. Once he entered the independent world, he met many others that were influential in the local VW scene.

In 1987 Doug decided to open the doors to his own shop. With the help of his wife Nancy, Doug’s Buggs – N – Bunnies was opened for business. In the mid 90’s there was a particular enthusiast that hung around the shop “way too much.” This young man, who everyone called “Fish,” showed great potential and mechanical knowledge. Doug decided to put him to work and take him under his wing. Fish has since developed a reputation as a premier engine builder, knowledgeable mechanic and has been with Doug’s since 1994, taking ownership in Spring 2014.

In August of 2007 Doug’s moved to a new location in the greater Phoenix area (at Tempe/Mesa boarder) that made room for the parts showroom as well as additional bays in the back. Doug’s brought in a front-end manager and talented team of technicians to assist in the expansion.

Whether you have a classic original, high performance street VW, radical sand rail, a VW based kit vehicle or any air-cooled Volkswagen our knowledgeable staff can take care of your needs! No matter if you’re a “do it yourselfer” that needs parts and advice, or if you prefer to drop off your VW… we’ve got you covered!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site. Feel free to stop by the shop, drop off a project or just come check out our showroom.