’66 Beetle Resto

Starting with a 1966 that was in fair condition we went to work on cleaning up panel rust work, floor pan replacement and body work.


Once those were completed, it was time primer the whole vehicle.


After which this now straight paneled ’66 was shot a beautiful Blue Metallic


At this point the shop crew had starter to re-assembly the ’66 with quality and period correct accessories and wiring.

Including the “American Style” window trim with was the Deluxe models exported to the U.S. market received at the factory. At this we also did our usual upgrades.

One of these is to add Disc Brakes, and a new Dual Circuit Master Cylinder instead of the stock Single Cylinder. This is to insure that if there is every a problem with hydraulic pressure a a wheel on either the front or rear, the other circuit will still able stop the car.


This where the story twists, after seeing the car the owner decided the color would not do for them, and the ’66 was completely re-sprayed beautiful Tiffany­­­ Blue.

After that the final Assembly work could be started which included; Air-conditioning, an upgraded engine and a beautiful custom leather interior.



The engine was was upgraded from it’s original stock size to a stout 2110cc, with a 82mm Counterweighted crankshaft, a “Cheater” Camshaft, New High Performance Heads, and an upgraded oil system including a deep sump and Full-Flow machining, and a serpentine belt system.

This was done to add extra power for the A/C system and to help move in modern day traffic.

Also in the picture is our Retro inspired radio, it fits in the stock opening and has modern conveniences  such as; Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary input, USB access, and even Satellite Radio if wanted.

Here is the finished product on delivery day.


Of course we couldn’t let this one leave without a BLAZECUT fire suppression system, to protect the investment.